P.F.I. Plant

The electrical energy is exclusively generated, transmitted and distributed in the form of alternating current. Most of the burden are inductive in nature and hence, have low lagging power factor. This low power factor is highly undeserved as it causes an increase in current, resulting in additional losses of active power in all the element of power system from power station generator down to the utilization devices. TNS Engineering Limited manufactures PFI (Power Factor Improvement) Plant for improving the degraded Power Factor of the system. This plant make sheet steel clad, dist & vermin proof, free standing, floor mounting type auto/manual Power Factor Improvement (PFI) Plant with power Capacitor Banks, Magnetic AC Contactors, High Rupturing Cartridge (HRC) Fuses which are imported from Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Japan and Korea are manufactured at our factory according to IEC/NEMA/VDE/BS. Sometimes we also use detuned Reactor with the Capacitors for harmonic filtration of the system.

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